Die Haltestelle Dietlindenstrasse kann man als Standardhaltestelle beschreiben. Viele Haltestellen der Linie U6, gestaltet von Paolo Nester weisen den selben Charakter auf. Dazu gehört der mittig liegende Bahnsteig mit einer Stützenreihe, welche durch ihre geometrische Form und Kachelwahl definiert ist. So kann das Konzept für die Dietlindenstrasse für jede andere Standardhaltestelle der Linie U6 angepasst werden. Ziel ist eine Modernisierung und eine Steigerung der Attraktivität dieser Haltestellen. 

The prominent buildings of Munich' s „Museumsviertel“ are defining vast public spaces. One is located in between the „Pinakothek der Moderne“ and the University’s mathematical library. Eduardo Chillida’s sculpture “Buscando la Luz” is in the foreground of the place, contributing to a unique atmosphere with its distinctive colour and shape. Over the years, a path reaching diagonally across the space appeared on the lawn. The students' work places two symmetrical curved walls on both sides of the small path. Depending on the daily course of the sun, light gets reflected in different intensities on the structures'  surfaces.

The visitors slowly move along a predetermined path through the installation. They are getting snatched from reality by means of the surreal movement of light and become reflecting beings of light themselves, floating through a timeless and spaceless cosmos. Visitors should not only lose their sense of time and spatial perception, but ideally also switch into a calm, meditative state.


The students work is based on a chinese myth which is transferred into an architectural concept working with daylight. The oval opening lets diffused daylight in. The special spouts around the hole on the ceiling provides the space with an average amount of water mist to make the light visible. The visitor can experience Kuafu`s chasing of the sun(light).


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