The prominent buildings of Munich' s „Museumsviertel“ are defining vast public spaces. One is located in between the „Pinakothek der Moderne“ and the University’s mathematical library. Eduardo Chillida’s sculpture “Buscando la Luz” is in the foreground of the place, contributing to a unique atmosphere with its distinctive colour and shape.
Over the years, a path reaching diagonally across the space appeared on the lawn. It was formed by students and visitors frequently using the open field as shortcut. Defined by a strict urban grid and surrounded by monumental buildings, the lawn has an odd and artificial appearance. This unwillingly draws the attention to the path as only unforeseen element.
The students' work places two symmetrical curved walls on both sides of the small path. In its center, the walls are overlapping, creating the impression of a gate. Depending on the daily course of the sun, light gets reflected in different intensities on the structures‘ surfaces. This luminosity
indicates the path’s distinctive urban function to the pedestrians who are daily passing by. The arcuate form of the walls also affects the shadows being cast by the neighbouring buildings and the sculpture, which locates the structures to the environment. The walls get a white wall paint finish, which guarantees a homogeneous luminance and smooth shadows.

Auftraggeber: Technische Universität München (TUM), Fakultät für Architektur, Lehrstuhl für Raumkunst und Lichtgestaltung, Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Architektin Hannelore Deubzer und Landeshauptstadt München, Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft, München Tourismus, Geraldine Knudson
Studierende: Paula Dagmar Petrovic, Zofia Wróblewska, Philipp Mumme, TUM
Lehrbeauftragte/ Betreuer: Katrin Rohr, luxophil lighting, München und Lutz Harrer, Architekt, Akademischer Rat am Lehrstuhl für Raumkunst und Lichtgestaltung, TUM
Visualisierungen: Paula Dagmar Petrovic, Zofia Wróblewska, Philipp Mumme, TUM

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