München 2018

The students work is based on a chinese myth which is transferred into an architectural concept working with daylight. The oval opening lets diffused daylight in. The special spouts around the hole on the ceiling provides the space with an average amount of water mist to make the light visible. The visitor can experience Kuafu`s chasing of the sun(light).

dedicated chasing the sun,
wasn't able to reach it throughout his life.
thirst to death on half of the way."
«The Classic of Mountains and Seas»

  • Projekt: The Dark Room AdBK 
    Auftraggeber: Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Studiengang Architekturdesign, Lehrauftrag Lichtgestaltung
    Studierende: Chou Tzu-Jen, Zhang Qiyue, AdBK München
    Lehrbeauftragte/ Betreuer: Katrin Rohr, luxophil lighting, München
    Visualisierungen und Pläne: Chou Tzu-Jen, Zhang Qiyue, AdBK, München

luxophil lighting Fischer & Rohr
Architekten PartG mbB

Guldeinstrasse 35
80339 München