“Light is the invisible curtain that does not let us go”–
Luxophilie ist ansteckend und möchte ausstrahlen. Deshalb sind wir auch als Lehrende tätig. Wir sind Lichtbegeisterte und wollen unser Wissen und unsere Erfahrung teilen und weitergeben – so auch in Interviews und Veröffentlichungen.


  • ICP II: Student questions for Katrin Rohr & Changhoon Jeong
  • Auszug aus:
  • “What were you able to take away from this experience? Do you have any ideas or recommendations for if a similar project would to be done again?”

    “…What I took away were two main experiences: First, there was working with a philosopher in an early stage. Starting with this very project, we now even work together with Claudia in early stages of a lighting design project in our own studio, for developing our new homepage and in competitions. I´m more humble now as an architect when it comes to texts, research of content in literature, and so on. At university, when it comes to my courses, I would totally share my lessons again with a philosopher.

    The second experience was not completely new, but it deepend my ideas about collaboration, even between different courses at university.

    Architecture and all discipines around our built environment – like architectural lighting design – are disciplines where thoughts and spirit are brought to matter. So it´s a very real thing to do, working together in a team, and an open, transperent and precise communication is essential for the success of an architectural project.

    That´s what I, as a professional lighting designer and as a teacher, will bring into my future courses at university: “playing design office“ with our students, and in this case with its different aspects like designing and visualizing, again for in the next projects. And working with students from differnt universities is a great pleasure, too. It widens the range of approaches and results.”

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  • SERIE: BERUFSBILDER IM LICHT Im Gespräch mit Katrin Rohr & Michael Fischer
  • Auszug aus:
  • “Was ist das Besondere an dem Leistungsumfang von luxophil?”

    “Ohne Licht beginnen, um Licht zu finden. Als Kunstlichtplaner sind wir für das Nachtimage des Gebäudes zuständig. Dabei denken wir in Licht und wie dieses den Entwurfsgedanken des Architekten transportieren kann oder wie wir eine weitere Wahrnehmungsebene des Gebäudes herausarbeiten und in Bezug auf die Umsetzung möglichst selbstverständlich integrieren können. Die Planung und genauso die Ausführung ist ein vielschichtiger Prozess, in dem Licht nur ein Baustein ist. Hier passt vielleicht der Ver- gleich mit der Musik wieder. Als Lichtplaner sind wir nur ein einzelnes Instrument, das im besten Fall Bestandteil eines gelungenen Werkes ist.”

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  • Claudia Pescatore: Light and stone – Immortality in Ancient Egypt
  • Auszug aus:
  • “When Katrin asked me to contibute a kind of philosophical text to a seminary regarding the illumination of the unbelievable tomb of Cheops, I was deeply interested.

    Not because I would be an expert in this field, but for me illuminating the pyramids is, somehow, the architectural response to the need and desire to bring new interest, focus and reference to the egyptian cult of the dead, having its very climax in the construction of the big pyramids in Gizeh

    […] II’ll be focussing mainly on the period of the Old Kingdom, the age of the pyramids. Let’s begin with the 3 dimensions of immortality: There is space: meaning that immortality takes place in another sphere. There is time: meaning that immortality is related to eternity. And there is the social dimension: which implies that immortality – mainly in the Old King- dom – is not for everybody, but only for the king.”

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